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Quality Collision Repair for Mitsubishi Vehicles in Saginaw, MI

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Mitsubishi has built its brand in the U.S. with a lineup of vehicles that often provide above-average performance and style. The Lancer is a continuing success for Mitsubishi, and the Outlander SUV is popular for its rugged yet refined styling, and with the introduction of the “i” hatchback, Mitsubishi has entered the all-electric vehicle segment. Bob Redmond Auto & Truck Collision can handle all the repairs you need for your Mitsubishi.

At Bob Redmond Auto & Truck Collision, we understand that choosing an auto body shop for your damaged Mitsubishi can be overwhelming, especially if you need a repair sooner rather than later. The following guidelines can help you choose the right Collision shop in Saginaw to repair your Mitsubishi:

  • Is the shop affiliated with a dealership or is it independent? Generally, Mitsubishi dealerships cost more than independent or non-dealership mechanics; however, independent shop technicians are often just as well-trained as Mitsubishi dealership technicians.
  • Are the shop’s technicians certified? Special certifications, such as an ASE-Certification, designate that a technician has passed a basic competency test covering a wide variety of Mitsubishi repair procedures.
  • Does the shop have a solid reputation in the community? Many collision shops gain new customers through positive reviews from satisfied past customers.
  • Does the shop have modern equipment? A modern, clean, and orderly facility is often a reflection of the work done therein.
  • What’s the shop’s hourly labor rate? Most auto body shops in Saginaw charge an hourly labor rate. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that those who charge significantly less than others may offer less than stellar service.

Among collision shops in Saginaw, Bob Redmond Auto & Truck Collision is confident that we meet—and even exceed—the standards set for Mitsubishi repair in the auto body industry. We invite you to come in today and decide for yourself!

For Mitsubishi Auto Body Repair in Saginaw, We’ve Got You Covered!

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve taken your Mitsubishi to an auto body shop that has a proven track record of working on vehicles just like yours. Visit our shop located in Saginaw, contact us online, or give us a call to schedule an appointment for your Mitsubishi.